What to wear to try on gowns


Shopping for your wedding gown can get a little personal.  Most stores have an associate who will help you with the trying on of the gowns. (You will be very thankful for this.  It is not easy to put these gowns on by yourself.)  This means you’ll be in your underwear in front of someone you don’t know.  Be assured that with all the material fluffing around, the consultant does not necessarily “see” you

To obliviate your possible discomfort, you might think about what under garments you wear for you shopping trip.  The salon will probably offer you a bustier to replace your bra whereas most gowns need the lower cut.   But as far as undies, think about your modesty level.  One of the options I’ve seen girls go with a lot lately is leggings.  They don’t add bulk under your gowns but make most girls feel a lot more comfortable.  Your yester-year ‘volley ball’ shorts are also a good option.

Remember, the consultant who will be assisting you is a professional and is used to her job.  This blog is for you and your comfort.  So, whatever you decide to wear is fine.


Lace Up Backs Are for Fashion Not Fit

By Bonnie Morgan

By Bonnie Morgan

Wedding gowns have many beautiful features. You can choose different necklines, different body styles, beaded fabric or plain, etc. One of those many choices is zipper or corset back. (Sometimes called a lace up).

Contrary to many brides’ thinking, the lace up back is not styled to be an adjustable fit. It is a fashion design. Not to say if swelling from nerves or bloating from heat, or losing weight from stress close to wedding day, the lace up might deviate from fit problems that day. However, when your gown is ordered, it’s ordered per the size that “fits you best”. We are all built differently and most gowns will need “let out here and/or taken in there”. So, in fitting the gown properly to your body to begin with, you may need to make alterations to the side seams.  

By making the adjustment on the sides it allows the lace-up in the back to be a beautiful V shape. If you don’t make proper adjustments your lace up may turn out to look oval or Y shape. (neither which flatters your figure.)


Lace ups are a totally beautiful feature. Just remember to have a seamstress properly fit your gown to you and then, yes, take advantage of a slightly adjustable fit…in case the food is really good!!


Time Frame

By Bonnie Morgan

By Bonnie Morgan

Many brides are unaware of the gown buying process. A “Brick and Mortar” bridal salon can best help you through this time in your life.  A store you can “walk into”, where you can have one on one, face to face consultations will ease your mind on so many of the important issues.

One of the most important issues to address first is, “when do I buy my gown?”    Most stores will sell you a gown off the rack.  This is great for weddings that are coming up soon.  But most also offer you the option of ordering your gown, one that you can special order in your size, style and color.  This allows you more options and you’ll be purchasing a gown no one else has even tried on.   

When ordering your gown, you need lead time.  Most manufactures need 12 to 20 weeks to cut, sew and embellish your gown.   With some companies offering major changes to the original dress, you’ll need even more lead time to take advantage of this great offer which makes that gown uniquely yours! Then you need to allow for shipping time.  Plus, you will want to have your gown in time to do any alterations needed.   

As of the writing of this blog, 10/27/16, many of the gowns are being shipped after February 15th.  This means if you want to be a “June Bride”, for instance, you will need to order your gown within the next two months.

So, don’t procrastinate, make an appointment soon and enjoy finding your dream dress.  


By Bonnie Morgan

By Bonnie Morgan

Exclusively BridalStrapless - November 03, 2016

When it comes to wearing a strapless dress or wedding gown, I hear many girls say, “I don’t have enough to hold up a strapless dress” or “I have too much to wear a strapless dress”.   Neither statements are true.  “Holding up” a strapless gown has nothing to do with the size of your bust line!

A strapless gown is supported by the smallest part of your body.  A well-built gown will have “boning” in the bodice of the dress.  This provides structure for the material to be firm.  By making the waistline snug the gown cannot move down. 

This does not necessarily mean you can go without a bustier if you are a c or bigger cup size.  (You may “breakdown” the empire portion of your gown).  On the other hand, the gown may be firm enough to support you.  Consult with the sales person or your seamstress about this.

Have fun shopping for that perfect gown, with no fears of the “strapless issue”!