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Responding to his customers' needs for quality formalwear rentals, Jim opened "Jim's Formal Wear". He purchased 200 black coats, 200 white coats, 600 formal shirts and a 900 square foot house near the men's store in downtown Trenton as a tuxedo distribution center. He and his wife, Betty, took orders on a pad by the house's kitchen phone. Doing business in a small town means that you really can't afford to lose one customer and they spent all their effort providing exceptional service and expanding their customer base.

Currently, Gary's son (and Jim's grandson) Steve serves as President and CEO. There are seven strategically located service centers, and eight regional delivery hubs that comprise nearly 250,000 square feet of office, production and warehouse space. The company currently carries nearly 250,000 tuxedos and employs 500 full time team members and staff, and hires additional 500 seasonal employees for prom and wedding seasons. JFW takes pride in serving over 5,000 menswear stores, bridal shops, and other formalwear-related retailers throughout the country.