Alterations are only done on gowns purchased from Exclusively Bridal. Alterations are sent out in a solid white bag.
No additional charge for the bag.


The following prices are estimations only.  Every gown is unique in style and design which requires different types of work.

Hem:        Brides $120 - $200

                 Maids $25 - $40

 Sides:       $55 - $85

 Shoulders:  $35 - $95

 Sleeves:   $30 - $65

 Bustling:   $30.00 - $60.00 (Depends upon material and length of train) 


Regular prices will be charged if additional alterations are needed due to weight change.


All gowns purchased at Exclusively Bridal will be steamed FREE.

Exclusively Bridal, just a short drive from Eugene, Oregon.