All rental items are subject to 1/2 down at the time of booking, this amount will go toward the rental price and is non-refundable.



60"  Round Tables

$10.00 each

48 available


6' Rectangle Tables

$10.00 each

18 available


3' by 8' Rectangle Tables

$10.00 each

4 available


2' by 4' Tables

$10.00 each

2 available

A Non-Refundable deposit of 1/2 Down on each table

is due upon booking your order.

There is a refundable damage deposit of $100.00 to rent tables.




Chair rental is $1.50 each

634 chairs available

A Half-Down non-refundable deposit on each chair is required

when booking your date.


$75.00 refundable deposit on return of chairs.

Dance Floor

Exclusively Bridal has a beautiful outdoor dance floor. Customized design by David Cooper with a metal rod base. Great for outdoor functions!


The floor is 15' by 15', solid wood, custom designed to suit most outdoor functions.

 Rental is $250.00 plus delivery

Both a $37.50 non-refundable deposit and a $75.00 refundable deposit are required.



Stage & Walkway

Stage rental is $75.00


$18.75 Non-refundable deposit is required when booking your date

$50.00 Refundable deposit on return

The top platform is 8' by 14' and the step is 10' by 14'

Walkway rental is $40.00

$10.00  Non-refundable deposit when booking date

$30.00 Refundable deposit upon return

There are three sections each of which is 8'.

Arches & Props

Lattice Arch


$17.50 Non-refundable

$50.00 Refundable

Wrought Iron Background

$65.00 (5 pieces)

$32.50 Non-Refundable

$70.00 Refundable

Wood Arbor

(Greenery Not Included)


Round Aisle Markers


$10.00 Non-refundable

$10.00 Refundable

Heart Aisle Markers


$10.00 Non-refundale

$10.00 Refundable

White Arbor


$25.00 Non-Refundable

$60.00 Refundable